Beer & Food Pairing Event

Beer is very versatile and the best partner to pair with any course from an appetizer to a dessert.

Let us help you develop an exclusive menu with your chef and create a diverse beer and food pairing experience for your audience.

New Beer Launch
  • There’s a lot of effort that goes into mastering a craft. A beer is bound with a lot of uncertainties and for any business to thrive, innovation is must for the product and for the process. 

  • Each new beer brings an opportunity to tell your story to more audience and to expand your brand's horizons.

  • We help you develop a plan for the online and offline activities from the pre-launch to the post-launch of your new beer.

Beer Quiz/Trivia Night

Beer is fun. It is more fun with hosting a Pub Quiz/trivia night around it. We integrate the fun and learning around beer so that your audience get the best of all experiences.

Image by Sean Benesh