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Anchor Steam Beer Review

Anchor ‘Steam beer’ is the origin for California common style. It’s brewed with pale ale malt, Northern brewer hops and fermented with lager yeast at ale temperatures (55-60 deg F). Historical!


Accomplished Certified Beer Server - Level I by Cicerone 

Received my ‘Cicerone Certified Beer Server Level 1’ today.
Grateful for this opportunity, SODZ club and every help along the way.
Just getting started for a very long journey. 


Weihenstephan Weizenbock review

Studying the Weizenbock ‘VITUS’ from @weihenstephan_official today.
Aroma: moderate to strong banana esters and clove balancing each other, moderate low wheat malt, no hop aroma.
Appearance: Bright orange color with a tall white head with moderate persistence, fine lacing, very cloudy.
Flavor: low to moderate low wheat malt character, moderate to strong spicy clove character followed by moderate high banana esters, finishes out fairly dry, balance is towards the yeast character, no noticeable hop flavor, low to moderate low hop bitterness.
Mouthfeel: moderate high carbonation, smooth and creamy texture, a slight alcoholic warmth noticeable. No astringency.
Overall impression: A flavorful and delicious beer with tons of yeast character and a supportive wheat malt character with subtle hop bitterness. A classic!