A Bier Guy is a beer consulting group led by Anudeep Mutyala, an Advanced Cicerone® candidate, and a Certified BJCP Beer Judge. Our story is about helping individuals that are driven by a common purpose to provide real value to the beer drinkers, enthusiasts and the professionals working in the craft beer industry by sharing beer education and bringing awareness back to people about beer, a known stranger!


This is the "Beer Revolution!" 

We help you understand beers from the bottom up. For a business, we educate your staff and validate their performance based on the real-time scenarios that are focused on giving them the best experience with understanding beer and the wonders it can do with food. If you are a beer enthusiast and willing to level up your beer skills, we provide you a total "result-driven" training to help you become better at beer. We help you host private beer and food events to fulfill your personal and the professional needs.


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Bangalore, India

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